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Daimler Corporate Typeface Corporate S.
Corporate S is the Daimler Corporate Typeface
The font with which a company identifies and presents itself externally and internally. At Daimler C...
corporate typeface
. It is a sans serif font and as such is distinctive of the style of the Corporate Brand
The entirety of all cultural and physical properties of an organization including its philosophy.
corporate brand
. The Corporate S Font Family
A font family contains various different fonts, such as cursive, normal, semi-bold, bold or extra bo...
font family
has numerous individual faces that fulfill the most varied of requirements. Corporate S makes a modern, open and likeable impression. It is part of the Corporate ASE font system from Prof. Kurt Weidemann.

With its three font families Antiqua
Original label for fonts with rounded curves derived from the Roman alphabet. Today, antiqua are als...
(Corporate A), Sans (Corporate S) and Egyptienne
Also referred to as serif linear antiqua, this is a font derived from antiqua where the thickness of...
(Corporate E), it is ideally suited for use in a company with international operations. Corporate A is chiefly used by the Mercedes-Benz brand. Daimler Truck Financial and Daimler Fleet Management in the Daimler Financial Services Division use Corporate E (among others).
Corporate S is the Daimler corporate typeface.

Technical Specifications.
The Corporate S standard font (West and East keyboard versions including Baltic and Turkish special characters) is available in TrueType
Monitor and print font are unified in one data record. The TrueType font can be displayed onscreen i...
and Postscript
The page description language PostScript, developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated, presents characte...
format for PC and Macintosh operating systems within the entire Group without the need for a license. The fonts are generally pre-installed on all computers. Local system administrators will provide support of Corporate S is not available.

The Daimler AG corporate typeface is copyright protected. Gratuitous use is permitted only for Daimler AG and its subsidiaries. The reproduction and provision of data to third parties is prohibited. For the relevant license fee, external partners ( e.g. Mercedes-Benz dealers) can order Corporate S from URW++ in Hamburg, Germany: |

Additional Fonts and Formats.
Cyrillic and Greek fonts for Corporate A and S are also available from the manufacturer URW++ as well as the complete Corporate ASE font system in OpenType
A font developed by Microsoft® and Adobe Systems Incorporated that can be used across platforms betw...
format. Daimler AG has not acquired multi-user licenses for the additional fonts in the Corporate A, Corporate S and Corporate E font families. For this reason, these must be ordered directly from URW++. Licensing fees must be requested (directly) from the manufacturer.

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